The Globalization of Business in Southeast Asia

An Exploration Seminar to Vietnam,

Cambodia & Singapore

August 26- Sept 12, 2010

Website Updated: May 31, 2010

The Globalization of Business in Southeast Asia course is an accredited University of Washington (Seattle) Exploration Seminar to Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore that focuses on the major challenges and issues facing private and public organizations operating in an increasingly globalized environment. The seminar examines key topics such as the history and future of globalization, the drivers, trends and implications of globalization for businesses and non-profits, the geo-political dimensions of global business, global legal issues and challenges, and global strategic models. The seminar also assesses the impact that globalization is having on developing countries and the responses to these challenges through socially responsible (CSR) strategies. companies, governments and non-profit organizations.

Seminar Highlights

Seminars in the News

A Seattle-area newspapers carried two stories about the 2007 and 2009 Exploration Seminars:

2007 Thailand and Cambodia Seminar: Link

2009 Thailand Seminar : Link

Presentations and discussions about global challenges, opportunities and strategies with officials from various multi-national corporations, local businesses, NGOs and international institutions.

A presentation by officials from the regional office of the United Nations on issues such as HIV/Aids, gender-based violence and humanitarian aid.

Guided bicycle trips through Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and Siem Reap Cambodia.

A visit to export-oriented manufacturing centers in Cambodia and Vietnam and calling centers in Singapore.

A briefing by the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam on the local business environment.

A guided bike tour of Angkor Wat --the ancient Khmer temple known in some circles as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

A visit to a rural village near Siem Reap Cambodia where the students will sponsor various projects for impoverished villages.

Visits to the sprawling markets and other historic sites of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

A briefing in Singapore on the local tourism industry and its reliance on global market trends.

Seminar Credit, Syllabus and Costs

The Globalization of Business in Southeast Asia Exploration Seminar will allow participants to take a broad and multi-dimensional look at globalization from different social, political, cultural and commercial perspectives and students from all academic disciplines will find it both interesting and worthwhile. In terms of academic credit, UW Bothell will grant five credits as BUS 480 or BUS 479 while UW Seattle Foster School of Business students may count B BUS 479 as five credits towards upper-division business electives. Final credits will still need to be verified by each student’s respective department ahead of time.

Course Description and Syllabus:

Upon preliminary acceptance into the seminar, the Seminar Director will send each applicant a copy of the syllabus for review before final acceptance.


Fees and Estimated Expenses:        $3,350 Program Fee

The above Program Fee includes instruction, academic credit, domestic travel & regional travel in SE Asia, accommodations in each country, field trips, tours and some group meals.

Additional estimated expenses that are not covered in the above Program Fee include: Round trip travel to Thailand from Seattle (approximately $900), health insurance and vaccines, most meals, course materials and personal expenses. In the past, a total budget of $5,200 has covered most student’s program fees, travel costs to and from Thailand and incidental expenses.

How to Apply      

An on-line application for this seminar should be submitted through the University of Washington’s Exploration Seminar website as early as possible due to the limited space. The Seminar Director will review and process your application within 72 hours. For a list of other key deadlines (applications, deposits, payments etc) please see the UW Exploration Seminar website.

Other Information 

More information about this seminar can be obtained from the University of Washington Exploration Seminar website. Specific questions can be directed by email to the Seminar Director James Reinnoldt:   

See the Photo Page Student Comments and Seminar Summary from the 2007-2009 Thailand Exploration Seminars.